Why Study in Germany?

What is it that makes Germany  special and what can it offer to the students from all over the world?  

 The Federal Republic of Germany proportionally is a quite small country but its history as well as its actual role in the world is something special. It is not only in Europe that Germany has an important position but it is also an important international trading partner and player, concerning political and economic questions.

German employees from different fields and disciplines are in great demand all over the world and have realistic chances to get a job in an international company in many different countries. Germany itself is also a good and attractive country to work there later.

These opportunities exist due to the good German educational system.

The universities and the obtained masters degree are well-known all over the world . At German universities the practical part of the studies has an important part to play. Internships have to be done in many programs of study and every professor recommends doing one. The big industry and especially the large cities provide many opportunities for these internships. One can absolve them in the most different kinds of disciplines and companies.

Depending on which area in Germany one decides to study, there are numerous activities and journeys to do and go in the free time or on holidays. During this traveling one can see the different areas of the country and all its faces. With more time and a larger amount of money one can also start travelling Europe from Germany. The country gives the perfect start for this trip and one is able to see a lot of countries during the time abroad. Study programs are furthermore considered as more difficult than the ones in other countries but this has a positive impact on the reputation.

With a German masters degree one has a very good chance for the future and with some more own initiative one can work all over the world.

Furthermore, studying in Germany not only provides interesting topics but also numerous free time activities and many travel opportunities. It is really worth, getting to know this country in the heart of Europe.

With more than 300 higher education institutions across the country, Germany has a density of universities which is practically unequalled around the world.

The cost of living for students in Germany can be kept low by using many of the student benefits and discounts. On average, you will need around 700 Euros per month (per 2004).

Below are the highlights as to why a student should choose Germany for further studies:

Education: Many German higher education institutions offer courses leading to an international degree. These courses are designed to attract foreign students and Germans looking to study with an international dimension. The range of study opportunities covers undergraduates, graduate and postgraduate degree courses (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD levels). Courses and lectures are taught in English, often exclusively during the first year of study. German language courses are offered before and during the program.

Nearly all German universities and colleges are financed by the state. So far, German and international students have been able to pursue their studies and research without having to worry about tuition fees.

Technology: Ever since the dawn of modern engineering, Germany is known for its technological innovation. The technology that rooted out of the German soil is considered to be one of the best in the world. German companies are on hike not only nationally but also internationally.


Top Ranking universities: Many of the technical universities such as TU Darmstadt, TU Karlsruhe, RWTH Aachen etc., rank very high in the list of “World ranking for the best technical institutes”.


International Degree: Previously the hitch that kept the international students off bay was the mode of education just being in German. Due to the growing demand and huge in-flow of foreign crowd, the universities have comfortably switched to English taught courses and hence has increased the flow of international applicants.


Flexibility of the Course Duration: Since the education system is split into “practical oriented” study and “industry oriented” study, many German universities offer a 3 semester Masters course (1.5 years). Alternatively, there are also 4 semester Masters course (2 years) offered by many technical institutes. This is a huge advantage to people who would want to complete their Masters as soon as possible and head directly to the German industry to work.


Strategic University Locations: The German universities are usually located in such strategic locations where the industry concentration predominant and the research hubs are easily reachable. This helps the industry-university interaction grow further and eventually to make the learning environment bidirectional.


World Class Facilities: With the recent boom of international applicants, the laboratories and the research facilities toady meet the international standards.


Subsidized Tuition Fee: One of the major advantages of studying in Germany is the “subsidized tuition fee”.In Germany, most of the institutions of higher education charge no or very little tuition fee — to the tune of 500 Euro per semester. However, you will need to pay semester contribution ranging from Euro 50 to 250, depending upon the university and the services or benefits provided. These low charges certainly help to make Germany attractive as a study destination.


Research Fundings: The research projects in the universities largely depend on the funding provided by three main sources: The German Government, the industry, The European Union (EU). Since all these three factors are largely unaffected by the external influences, the research funding for the projects have literally no bound. Hence Germany is indeed a Mecca for researchers from any discipline.


Excellent Job opportunities: Germany is known for its industrial hub (Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Hannover, Bonn, etc.) Many world famous German companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Siemens, Bosch, SAP etc, provide excellent career opportunities to one and all, irrespective of their nationality. Thousands of supplier companies to these big giants also keep their doors open to the international talents.